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Sunday, February 23, 2014

AusHealthIT Poll Number 206 – Results – 23rd February, 2014.

Should Pharmacists Be Paid $50 To Conduct Patient Health Checks (More Than Just Medications) and Upload Their Findings To The PCEHR?

For Sure 16% (11)

Probably 3% (2)

Probably Not 16% (11)

No Way 56% (39)

I Have No Idea 10% (7)

Total votes: 70

It seems 72% of readers are pretty sure this is not an area pharmacists should be involved in. Interesting how many had no idea!

Again, many thanks to all those that voted!



Anonymous said...

The $50 each would be better spent paying for a GP visit. The GP can then review the patient's health and act on any changes ie. discuss symptoms, change medications, request tests or referrals if needed. You don't need a separate item number, just properly pay GP consultations. A pharmacist would have no permission to diagnose and has no GP notes for full history so its $50 for incomplete data which is worse than no data. Having the extra data points for blood pressure, heart rate, glucose, cholesterol etc. might be useful but not worth $50. Pharmacy health checks would be another rort and waste of "tax payers" money.
~~~~ Tim C

Anonymous said...

Another seriously bad idea from the Grasping Guild and its band of merry shopkeepers. Dutton and the razor gang should be taking a close look at the value for money achieved from the vast volumes of cash sprayed around in the Community Pharmacy Agreements