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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Minister Dutton's Speech To CEDA In Brisbane Yesterday. E-Health Record Is "Very Important"!

This speech was given yesterday.

Address to CEDA Conference

The Minister for Health, Peter Dutton, Address to CEDA Conference.

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Most interesting in the speech which was mainly one of generalities and pointing out how expensive healthcare had become and how Labor had messed up we had this:

"Medicare is an integral part of Australian society and I am determined to modernise and strengthen a 30 year old system – so that it can up to date and to work with evolving technology, including the very important e-health record and ever-increasing health needs."

One can only wonder what on earth that means!



Anonymous said...


“[A]fter considerable evaluation, it has become clear that the need for this service is not as highly sought after as originally expected,” Medibank said. “As such, healthbook will close on 21 March 2014.”

Congratulations nehta on another wave site epic failure.

Good luck Minister, be careful of those snake oil pedlars.

Anonymous said...

"..another wave site epic failure"

The end result of hype, big names (Medibank and IBM), gullible bureaucrats, and ill conceived projects. The really big question is What is the status and current cost of each and every WAVE 1 & WAVE 2 sites?

Anonymous said...

WAVE#1 & WAVE#2 are and were a resounding success because all they had to do was spend the Taxpayers money allocated to them, ill gotten gains or otherwise...

They didn't have to demonstrate any benefits or create anything of value, just spend the bloody money as the one and only performance criteria!

And that is ALL they did...

Anonymous said...

Many of us at the time of the Wave 2 award, who put in alternate bids, remember scratching our heads e.g. when medibank got the money with no working prototype or design, and other teams who actually had runs on the board with working and trialled system were not funded. But the whiteboard used for decision making has long been wiped clean ....