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Sunday, April 17, 2016

AusHealthIT Poll Number 316 – Results – 17th April, 2016.

Here are the results of the poll.

How Do You Rate The Recently Circulated Draft National Digital Health Strategy?

Excellent 9% (18)

Good 6% (13)

Neutral 2% (4)

Poor 43% (89)

Just Awful 40% (83)

I Have No Idea 1% (2)

Total votes: 209

83% think the Draft needs a great deal more work on a large vote. Enough said I reckon. Back to the drawing board guys and gals!

Great turnout of votes!

Again, many, many thanks to all those that voted!



Anonymous said...

The result was to be expected because the strategy was conceived by bureaucrats.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a strategy, it was a project plan, plucked out of mid air, put together by people who have never written a national strategy before.

Anonymous said...

Not sure it is a project plan either, maybe a catalog of stuff indervidual said want to do or try and complete after many years of trying. On a lighter note, I note two people voted 'I have no idea' might explain Australian Terminology and the lack of Architecture, the two things that have faltered in the last five or so years IMHO.

Anonymous said...

This does list an interesting complement of drafters, is this the governance and senior management for the new Agency? Minister, Richard Royal, taskforce, we were promised this would be a fresh start not a rebranding, it is looking more and more like a farce.

Anonymous said...

Anon April 19, 2016 7:16 AM, looking at the board appointees Infear you might be correct in your assumption and this was decided long ago and has little to do with merit and more to do with indervidual board members agendas. It also shows a deep division within NEHTA executives. A bit shameful if this is correct.

Anonymous said...

Full of conflict of interest and vested interests. Once you create a monster, it's difficult to get rid of it.

Anonymous said...

Full of Shared Hopes, Interests and Threats, the board is the board as others have alluded to it's the next level of two down that is the biggest concern.

Anonymous said...

Lipstick? Pig?