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Monday, April 11, 2016

Your Taxes At Work - Courtesy Sean Parnell - Health Editor Of The OZ

Via Twitter!

"Fed Govt spent $1.5m rebranding PCEHR as My Health Record, plus indirect costs. Consultants advice on new agency to replace NEHTA cost $3.9m"

Amazing waste for what we all know is likely to be a  disaster in the ilk of NEHTA and HealthCONNECT!



Anonymous said...

It seems like a lot of money to spend on branding the project without first ascertaining that they could register and protect the trade mark. The private sector first undertakes due diligence. What does the government do?

Anonymous said...

What exactly was the $1.5 million actually spent on? Was it spent on consultants and brand designers? Surely not.

Anonymous said...

And how much on re-branding the Medicare Locals as PHNs? Seems to be the key health policy..rename and re-brand and for what?