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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

COAG Health Council Approves The Establishment Of The Australian Digital Health Agency.

At its meeting on the 8th of April the COAG Health Council agreed to found the ADHA.
Here is the relevant section of their Communique.
Inter-Governmental Agreement On Digital Health.
Ministers signed an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) on Digital Health which establishes ongoing financial support and governance arrangements for the for the Australian Digital Health Agency.
The IGA has been developed jointly by the Commonwealth, states and territories through the intergovernmental E-Health Working Group. The Digital Health Agency will be responsible for the strategic management and governance responsibilities for the national digital health strategy and the design and operations of the national digital health systems, including the My Health Record. It will deliver a collaborative and innovative approach to using technology to improve health service delivery and health outcomes for all Australians.
The Australian Digital Health Agency, which will be fully operational from 1 July 2016, will be the single accountable organisation for all national digital health services in Australia.
----- End Extract.
I have to say, having had the experience of DoH, NEHTA, HealthCONNECT and so on this has to be an example of the triumph of hope over experience!
I look forward to Senate Estimates Committee sessions in the future where the questions are answered honestly and fully about where we are and what is actually going on.
I fear hell will freeze over before that actually happens! Time will tell.

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Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

The answers are one thing, asking the right questions is another.

Asking about registrations for MyHR is facile

Asking about uploads for MyHR is irrelevant

Asking about downloads is informative.

Asking how health care has been improved and how much has been saved because of MyHR is the only valid question. If only Health (or ADHA) would/could answer.

And given that they've spent $billions, they've got a long way to go yet.

Maybe one of Treasury's hot-shot financial modellers could take a look. Not that they're that accurate in their modelling, but the exercise might alert Treasury to the waste.