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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Fascinating – The Steps And Timetable For The New Digital Health Strategy. Has A Gap Or Two!

This appeared a little while ago – and was part of the December ADHA Board Papers :
The formatting is not wonderful ( sorry about that, the best I could do) but this outline has a lot of information on the Strategy Plans I have not seen before, other than the consultation we have all heard about. Here is some information on the other 2 sections.

3. Expanding the evidence base

The findings from national engagement and consultation (quantitative and qualitative) are one of the four main inputs to the evidence base substantiating the National Digital Health Strategy. The other three are: leading research on digital innovation in health and care (global and local); expert knowledge and perspectives of individuals from private sector, academia and research institutions; and alignment to jurisdictional and Australian Government priorities and initiatives.
Therefore, starting in December, the Strategy team will prioritise expanding the evidence base through gathering and synthesising the evidence from the other three main inputs – all building on what we have learned through national engagement and consultation.

4. Strategy development

As reflected in the project team’s draft Strategy Development Plan, which is currently being finalised, the table below summarises the key strategy deliverables, which the team intend to develop iteratively through internal and external collaboration.

There are three key deliverables which are intended to make up the National Digital Health Strategy to be submitted to the COAG Health Council (CHC) in June 2017:
1       The National Digital Health Strategy core document;
2       Framework for Action (detailing the strategic initiatives aligned to the strategic priorities); and
3       Cost Benefit Analysis (for the strategic initiatives co-designed with the stakeholders).

Here is the basic timetable outlined in December, 2016.

First draft:

National Digital Health Strategy core document

 + Framework for Action - No CBA - End March 2017

AHMAC draft:

National Digital Health Strategy core document
Final draft of Framework for Action
Cost Benefit Analysis - Mid May 2017

Final CHC draft:

National Digital Health Strategy core document
Final draft of Framework for Action
Final Cost Benefit Analysis - End June 2017

Public Release:

National Digital Health Strategy core document
Framework for Action
Interactive web experience - July 2017
Technology Roadmap:

(post Strategy release) - End 2017

 Here is the link for the .pdf of the full document which has more details:

Enjoy the browse!

Note: There does not seem to be a public plan to release the Cost Benefit Analysis or if it is to come out it won't address the myHR!

Note also that finality seems to be after the May 2017 Budget. I wonder what that means?


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Anonymous said...

A Framework for Action!! How did the last one go for you Tim? https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/personalised-health-and-care-2020/using-data-and-technology-to-transform-outcomes-for-patients-and-citizens

Was this not to have been completed by March? I know Richard would have got it sewn up, never send a public servant to do a Royals job.