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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It Seems Minister Greg Hunt Has Already Been Given A Large Drink Of The Kool aide!

This appeared last week.

'No plan B' for My Health Record, as registrations near fifth of population

Dr Zoran Bolevich throws support behind opt-out approach
George Nott (Computerworld) 09 March, 2017 13:26
The head of NSW’s digital health agency says there is “no plan B” when it comes to widespread adoption of My Health Record.
Chief executive and chief information officer of eHealth NSW, Dr Zoran Bolevich, said “national collaboration is absolutely critical” to the success of My Health Record, the system formerly known as the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR).
Bolevich, speaking at the Digital Healthcare conference in Sydney yesterday, said his agency was a big supporter of the Department of Health’s proposal to make My Health Record 'opt-out'.
The opt-out approach, which was first proposed in a 2013 Department of Health review, has been trialled in both the Nepean Blue Mountains and Northern Queensland since June last year.
Around 1 million new My Health Records were automatically created for all people living in the areas, unless they responded in the negative to a letter from the department.
Those trials concluded this year, with only 1.9 per cent of individuals deciding to opt-out — so proving the success of this approach, Bolevich said.
Health minister Greg Hunt MP – appointed to the role following the resignation of Sussan Ley in January – said earlier this week that My Health Record would help improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of healthcare.
Speaking to RN Drive on Tuesday, Hunt said: “The early indications are that the national My Health Record will deliver real benefits to patients, as well as reducing unnecessary costs in the health system. If we can work with the doctors on strengthening the role of that, we can produce better outcomes but also medium to long term savings.”
The full article can be read here:
On the basis of the last two paragraphs one is forced to conclude that the ‘magical thinking’ for which the DoH is famous for has infected Minister Hunt. There is no-evidence to confirm that last paragraph that anyone has seen.
As for this from Dr Bolevich – “Those trials concluded this year, with only 1.9 per cent of individuals deciding to opt-out — so proving the success of this approach” what can one say? Simplistic stupidity would be polite!
I have been hearing this sort of stuff since 2012 and it still no-one has provided evidence that the myHR has saved a single dollar or saved a single life!


Anonymous said...

The Minister won't know if he isn't told. Perhaps you should draft a short letter for all your readers to sign and return to you and send it to the Minister.

Anonymous said...

I see no political gain in denouncing the govHR. Besides it is clear that to gain favour and build political capital, everyone agrees with each other ( regardless of facts or true belief). This creates an ever ending cycle and goes all the way down to the lowest ladder climbers.

I am sure everyone believes there is value, but I doubt it has much to do with patients or healthcare providers.

Anonymous said...

7:57am. Fully agree, I would add that there is also an undercurrent of fear to say anything. It is clear for recent sackings that if you believe in a better future or investments for the nation or alternative views this is tackled in the most hardest of ways as an example to others.

Love the term govHR very accurate. Surprised they have stuck digital in front of it.