Thursday, March 02, 2017

Sometimes You Can’t Predict What Will Actually Make A Difference. Skype Strikes Again!

This appeared last week.

Skype sessions with physios dramatically improve OA: study

23 February 2017
Skype sessions with physiotherapists can dramatically improve pain and function in knee osteoarthritis, Melbourne researchers have found.
They say their study, published Wednesday in the Annals of Internal Medicine, shows the huge potential of online delivery of non-drug therapies for chronic pain.
The study randomised 148 patients with knee OA to either a control group or to seven Skype sessions over three months, during which a physiotherapist would demonstrate exercises and teach patients how to do them.
Patients in the intervention group also completed an online pain management module called PainCOACH, which teaches psychological techniques for minimising pain catastrophising.
After three months, the Skyping patients had 28% and 26% greater improvement in physical function and pain, respectively, compared with the intervention group who were merely given online self-help information.
Those improvements were maintained six months after the end of the intervention.
Lead author Professor Kim Bennell, a research physiotherapist at the University of Melbourne, says that although exercise is the core treatment for OA, a lack of funding for online therapy is holding it back in Australia.
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What a great study – and a really cheap way to make a real difference! Good stuff!

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