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Sunday, October 08, 2017

AusHealthIT Poll Number 391 – Results – 8st October, 2017.

Here are the results of the poll.

After Now 15 Months, Do You Believe The ADHA Is Headed In The Right Direction Overall?

Yes 0% (0)

No 94% (116)

Too Early To Tell 2% (3)

I Have No Idea 3% (4)

Total votes: 123

What an amazing vote! Seems to me the something must be pretty off the rails to get a result like this. Not even the usual loyal ADHA employees, who we know read here, bother to offer support.

Any insights welcome as a comment, as usual, especially regarding what might be done to fix things?

A great turnout of votes!

Again, many, many thanks to all those that voted!


1 comment:

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

It could be that ADHA isn't heading in any direction. They are just standing still, running MyHR and implementing opt-out. They are looking to re-implement myhealthrecord.gov.au on a new platform, which isn't exactly a major step forward.

Considering there have been multiple reviews all stating that there are significant problems with MyHR and there is no plan to fix them and that there are other, better solutions to real health problems (i.e. better sharing of, and access to, patient information) it is quite likely that MyHR will just atrophy and die.