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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

This Is A Sensible Decision You May Have Missed. A Good Idea I Believe!

This popped up last week:

Why Australians won't use myGov to opt out of e-health records

By Justin Hendry on Oct 10, 2017 6:30AM

Govt builds separate portal.

Australians that choose to opt-out of the My Health Record will do so through a standalone portal and not via the myGov online service portal, the Australian Digital Health Agency has revealed.
The e-health record operator has created the opt-out portal to remove the need to force individuals to register for a myGov account.
It was first tested during the opt-out trials in the Northern Queensland and Nepean Blue Mountains Primary Health Networks last year, at a time when myGov was plagued by complaints about its reliability and usability.
myGov has since undergone a $50 million overhaul by the Department of Human Service, Australian Taxation Office and the Digital Transformation Agency to address concerns about usability on mobile devices and offer simpler navigation.
A spokesperson from the ADHA told iTnews that the opt-out portal was created to “provide a direct process for people whose sole desire for interaction with government services is to opt-out, whereas myGov’s purpose is to provide simple and secure access to government online services”.
“Consumers are required to go through sign-up process in order to be authenticated every time when accessing myGov, which is a barrier for people wanting to opt-out [of a My Health Record],” the spokesperson said.
The spokesperson also noted that evaluations of the standalone opt-out portal during the opt-out trial had found it to be “cost effective” and “easy to use”.
The ADHA is now planning to use the portal in the shift from opt-in to opt-out e-health records next year.
Lots more here:
Given all the leaks and breaches going on at present I would be going to the site in a flash!


Anonymous said...

You still have to prove you are who you say you are, so they will know who all the troublemakers are. They'll still have all your medicare data etc.

You can check out any time, But you can never leave.

Berne Gibbons said...

I'm not sure if you are serious... hopefully not! Nothing works

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

Bernie - not sure what you mean? Nothing works??


Anonymous said...

Berne didn't you head up the interoperabilty EOI for the ADHA which attracted a huge amount of scepticism and criticism on this blog with considerable justification. If so, how then having been associated with and responsible for the EOI can you make such comments?

Anonymous said...

I can see the logic behind not wanting citizen to be forced to subscribe to MyGov just so they can unsubscribe from some they are being forced to have. Is this portal permanent? Or will I and 12 Millsion others no longer be able to use MyGov to access GovHR? Or is there now multiple ways to access the thing? Is the security the same?

I do hope they will be using myGov for us 12 million, even if it is to permanently provide information the GovHR is comming and unlike the ATO you can opt-out.

Maybe it just me but something fishy is going on here

Anonymous said...

So long as the ADHA does not open the portal through their website, been down most of the day with a very interesting holding page. Maybe they have been penetrated. Hope they have a fax to send out the daily news