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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

I Wonder How This Saga In The NT Will Play Out. There Have Been Some Good Things Happen There In The Past!

To the shock of many this appeared last week.

Northern Territory Police Special References Unit investigating Health Department matter

September 25, 2017 12:30am
A CASE involving the Health Department’s chief information officer has been referred to the police, the NT News can reveal.
Stephen Moo resigned this month, with secrecy surrounding the circumstances of his abrupt departure.
Mr Moo, a career public servant, was in charge of overseeing of a major new $259 million IT rollout.
Public sector media teams were tight-lipped on the reasons behind Mr Moo’s departure, although an NT Police spokesperson revealed a matter had been referred to police.
“The Northern Territory Police Special References Unit has received a referral from the Department of Health,” the spokesperson said.
“That referral is subject to assessment and no further information is available now.”
Mr Moo has not been charged. The NT Police Special References Unit investigates sensitive political matters including conflicts of interest and corruption.
The unit has previously investigated such matters as Country Liberal Party slush fund Foundation 51 and convicted travel agent fraudster Xana Kamitsis.
Despite inquiries from the NT News, the Health Department would not reveal the reasons for referring the matter to police, or when it was referred.
“Employment matters are a private matter between the individual and department, as such it is not appropriate to comment,” a spokesman said.
“As the matter has been referred to police, we are unable to provide further comment.”
The department said Mr Moo’s resignation would not affect the timeline of the rollout of the department’s IT overhaul.
In 2003, Mr Moo was cleared in a Justice Department inquiry into breaching the Territory’s public sector code of conduct relating to conflicts of interest.
More here:
There was also coverage here:

Matter involving former NT health CIO referred to police

NT Department of Health confirms CIO’s departure
Rohan Pearce (Computerworld) 27 September, 2017 09:13
The NT Police has confirmed that it is assessing a matter that involves the former chief information officer of the Northern Territory Department of Health, Stephen Moo.
“The Northern Territory Police have received a referral from the Department of Health,” a police spokesperson told Computerworld.
“That referral is currently subject to assessment and no further information is available at this time.”
“Mr Moo has resigned his position with the Department of Health, this has ceased his association with the Department,” a spokesperson for the Department of Health said.
The NT News earlier this week revealed Moo’s departure from the department and the police referral. Moo has not been charged, the newspaper reported.
A biography of Moo previously posted by the Australian Digital Health Agency states that he has “been employed in the health sector for over 34 years, with the last 16 years having direct responsibility for the design, development, implementation and on-going systems management for major corporate client and clinical information systems, and information communications and infrastructure.”
“Stephen has overseen the Northern Territory’s eHealth program for the past 11 years and is the principal architect and sponsor for the development and implementation of a comprehensive eHealth program that is widely regarded as one of the most advanced of its kind in Australia,” the website stated.
More here:
With the recent award of a large ($200M +) contract to InterSystems there has been suspicion all this was about this contract but this seems not to be the case at present.
The bottom line here is that Mr Moo has led some good initiatives in the NT and until the full details are known for certain there should be no speculation. Whatever it is, the truth will out in time! We should just watch and wait....

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