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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I Reckon The NBN Jumped The Shark In Its Present Form This Week. The Pressure For Major Change And Improvement Is Enormous.

Rather than bore everyone with a gale of the NBN articles I am going to stick to one which really seems to say it all.

Problems plague transition to NBN for Aussie households: survey

Over one million (45%) Australian households who have connected to the national broadband network experienced issues when transitioning across to the service, according to a newly published research report.
Online comparison website iSelect says a new Galaxy Research study it commissioned to assess the attitudes of Australian households towards broadband services, reveals that 1.3 million Australian households who have connected to the NBN had issues with their transition.
And, according to iSelect, Australians now voice concerns about the speed of their broadband service, not so much about price and data allowance as previously raised.
According to the study, just over a third (36%) of Aussie homes have actually made the move across to the NBN.

And, just 44% of homes with the NBN said their home Internet was meeting their expectations and allowed them to “do everything they want online”, compared to 40% of those using ADSL2+ or other connection types.  
But, once connected, those homes with an NBN connection were slightly more satisfied with their internet service, the research reveals.
iSelect says the research also revealed that many Australians are very confused by NBN speed tiers despite the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's recommendation for Internet providers to move away from unclear language such as “up to” when describing NBN speeds.
According to Laura Crowden, spokesperson for iSelect, the arrival of the NBN means customers now need to take speed into consideration when choosing the right broadband provider and plan.
“Aussies are used to choosing a home broadband plan based primarily on price and data allowance. For households moving across to the NBN, it can be really confusing to understand what the different NBN speed tiers mean and decide which one is right for them.”  
Crowden welcomed the ACCC’s request for retailers to make it clearer for what speeds customers can expect during peak periods.  
“This is definitely a step in the right direction but there remains a lot of variation between providers in terms of both their speed ranges and the names they use to describe them,” she explained.
“Terms like ‘boost’, ‘max’ or ‘superfast’ do little to clarify what speeds customers can realistically expect during busy times such as evenings.  It’s no wonder that many customers remain bamboozled by what the different NBN speed tiers will actually mean for them in reality.”  
Crowden says Internet providers have designed their plans around the NBN’s four speed tiers (12, 25, 50 & 100 megabits per second) but the NBN Co — the builders of the NBN — “does not consider 12Mbps plans to be superfast broadband”.
And, according to Crowden, many households are automatically opting for the cheaper NBN 12 plans without realising they are likely to be similar – or possibly slower – than what they experienced on ADSL2.  
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The stats cited here are really alarming and if replicated with the rest of the roll out the backlash can be guaranteed to get rid of the present Government quick smart. The Government know that and so must be planning some big improvements – to be announced  I guess  after the Barnaby nonsense is resolved!
To not be seen fix this level of issue and dissatisfaction is electoral suicide in my view! Simply too many of us rely on decent internet these days to make it through the day and mobile won’t be up to the task for a couple of years yet.

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