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Friday, May 25, 2018

Are We Seeing The Bipartisan Support For The myHR Begin To Fracture?

This appeared last week:

 ‘This is a Government with a woeful track record on IT security and privacy.’

Catherine King, Shadow Minister for Health

Catherine King has challenged the Turnbull Government on whether it can roll out the My Health Record system without getting it wrong

It’s been heralded as a “game changer” by the PSA’s Shane Jackson and “strategically very valuable” for pharmacy by the Guild’s David Quilty… but the Shadow Minister for Health and Medicare has suggested that the Government may not be able to implement the system with effective privacy controls in place.
This week the Health Minister, Greg Hunt, announced that Australians who want to opt out of having a My Health Record can do so between 16 July and 15 October 2018.
Ms King says that Labor supports e-health: “Implemented by a competent Government, e-health could deliver tangible health care improvements and save the health system up to $7 billion a year through fewer diagnosis, treatment and prescriptions errors,” she said.
“But given this is the same Government that gave us census fail, stuffed up robodebt, and allowed Australians’ Medicare data to be sold on the darkweb, we have concerns about their ability to properly implement this reform.
“Put simply, this is a Government with a woeful track record on IT security and privacy. And now they’re asking all Australians to trust them with their most personal information.”
Ms King also accused the Government of making “no real effort” to explain the opt out process to the community.
More here:
Since the PCEHR / myHR was a Labor idea (in 2009-2010) it is interesting to see only luke warm support, even though they still seem to think it is a good idea in general and are probably just trying for a political point or two.
Time will tell where they land as the election approaches.


Anonymous said...

Be nice to think so, afraid it probably a simple case of political points grabbing as you say David

Anonymous said...

Catherine King, Shadow Minister for Health Raises some very reasonable risks. As opposition perhaps Labour should be advising the community on this risks. The opposition has tabled them in the public domain. To now do nothing would be would be an affront to the citizens of this fine land

Anonymous said...

The correction is that it is not necessarily the elected parties that are the issue, more the bureaucracy, and even then, this has been distorted and mutated by these external exiles from the consultancy world with their badges of self awarded though-leadership and talk of just enough is quite enough, do away with quality process, and infect the workplace with their legions of change managers equipped with motivation posted, value banners and re-education plans