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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Senate Estimates Alert: - Today 9.45am - 11am The NHMRC and ADHA

Here is the link to the program etc:




Anonymous said...

Don't expect anything that would rock the boat. The master of spin will be there and the government will want to keep a low profile.

Anonymous said...

The master of spin? I thought he had moved on

Anonymous said...

Would be nice if they can clarify the breach statement and get on public record what that actually means

Anonymous said...

Be nice to see the evidence of how hundreds of millions of dollars has had a positive impact on those living in Nepean, I am sure being a poster region for the Governments HR system was very comforting.


But then Canberra thinks we are more interested in Barnaby than real life so they will be oblivious to this sort of disgrace