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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Surprising News - Tim Kelsey Fails To Join Radio National Roundtable On myHR!

The audio will be posted during the day if it happens as usual.

One really does wonder why My Kelsey did not show - given the national audience and coverage. A chance to put the case you would think. I know he was scheduled to appear.

Apparently there was a pretty strong negative reaction to what is happening with opt-out from many listeners according to the round-table host.



Anonymous said...

Seems from Twitter he was more interested in retweeting AMA than presenting himself to the ABC. Or has it been decided that it is to risky to have Tim in open public discussions where things are not carefully stage managed?

Anonymous said...

Are you positive Tim Kelsey was to be on the program? There was no mention of him not making it. And as a friend points out they did not get any internal memo about it and the CEO apparently loves to let all at the ADHA know when he is in a spotlight.

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

I know for sure the producer of the program invited him.....

Of course there are all sorts of possibilities - but I would have seen it as very sensible for him to attend.


Anonymous said...

The three who did take up the invitation brought a reasonable mix of perspectives. I certainly did not leave with the sense the elephant is the room was answered - why the real need for the consent model to be changed when that is a pretty fundermental constraint that everything was built around, and why was it done in a closed change management meeting with little senate or analysis. It seems there was ten years getting to and opt in model, but 10 minutes to change it.

Anonymous said...

A pity no one from the ADHA privacy team could attend or perhaps of the many privacy advocates who endorse the scheme were not able to attend, I would very much like to hear a privacy debate and perhaps a security debate as well. For GP’s, patients and hospital physicians the net benefits are in reality a little meaningless. They might be attractive from 20,000 ft but the reality is probably the net benefits do not impact those bearing the cost

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

For the information of readers, I was contacted by the producer and asked if I would participate. I said - yes, only too happy to be part of the debate.

She said "We have Tim Kelsey locked in ..."

She got back to me later and said that Tim was not happy with me being on the panel so they decided not to include me.

They must then have contacted Dr Katherine Kemp, who was also associated with the Australian Privacy Foundation and she agreed to participate.

Why Tim pulled out I don't know, but I have my suspicions.

I wonder if he's getting nervous about Thursday.

Anonymous said...

There are two things Tim Kelsey doesn't understand

1. My Health Record

2. Australian cultural history when it comes to National ID Cards, Access Cards and being taken for granted.

He has a lot to learn.

Anonymous said...

Bernard, that is a shocking state of affairs. I don't know you but from what a I read in articles and your postings you seem a reasonable well balanced chap open to others views, and not shy to have yours changed.
If what you say is the case (and I have no reason to doubt) then the ADHA CEO needs to step aside. This is contradictory to much of what the CEO promised around openness, transparency, co-design, collaboration etc.. It undermines the MyHR honesty and true intent, it undermines all those that work for or work with the ADHA.
Tim Kelsey has demonstrated to me to be a from from a leader.

Anonymous said...

Bernard, thanks for the transparency, something lacking these days. I never realised we had employed a jellyfish to lead the ADHA. I guess it is to be expected the whole thing is a stitch up and the community consultation outcomes are manipulated and views distorted.

I feel for those at ADHA who have to now deal with this knowing the CEO is somewhat selective when it comes to 'community'. Time for a change perhaps?

Anonymous said...

"I wonder if he's getting nervous about Thursday. "

More to the point, is Greg Hunt starting to get nervous about what he's got himself into?

Anonymous said...

You are just not trying hard enough...we need him to go back where he came from!
Keep up the good work...perhaps you could lurk about the entrance to the National Press Club on Thursday

Anonymous said...

If you want to know the script to this remake simply look back at the NHS. This is a good starting point


Tim Kelsey was fearful of the open democracy people, and worth noting it was the privacy community that finally had care.data halted. That is evidence enough to justify a long hard look at what this ADHA lot are doing and who is really pulling the strings.

Anonymous said...

Bernard, I am very, very concerned that Tim failed to appear on the Radio National program because you had been approached to join the panel. Attempting to control an ABC show in such a way is disgraceful. It smacks of Abbott banning his ministers from appearing on Q&A. Both of which were frankly undemocratic. The ADHA needs to see that its job is not to rail at MHR critics and journalists but to engage respectfully and transparently in order to assuage concerns and inform Australians. The ADHA's constant attempts to force the narrative to cleave to its worldview, including through some questionable media tactics, is simply raising suspicions. What is the agency trying to hide?

Anonymous said...

Narcissists do not like being challenged. As there emotional state is usually immature and unstable it shows through when they are challenged often exhibiting narcissistic rage. With the ADHA stakes now being so high the CEO cannot afford to allow himself to be challenged in public lest he lose control.

Thursday's National Press Club presentation is a dangerous Tim for the CEO, Mr Kelsey, if for any reason he is challenged by well informed journalists intent on seeking the real truth behind My Health Record and its shortcomings, dangers and risks.

Anonymous said...

Can’t say I know much about the press club, are they likely to ask anything more probing than what’s for lunch?

Anonymous said...

No real probing potential, which is why he'll turn up.

Anonymous said...

Tim Kelsey’s speaker profile on the National Press Club’s website does not even mention My Health Record. It does however say that he is the co-author of a book published in 2016, “Transparency and the Open Society”.

Anonymous said...

He probably will only make a superficial reference to My Health Record. He will probably talk about his UK experience and how lucky Australia is to have him here to help us avoid the UK pitfalls which he had the good fortune to experience first hand.

The National Press Club talk is more about polishing MyCV not MyHR.

Anonymous said...

What’s for lunch at the press club?

Chicken Opt Out
Interoperability Stew
As much Trifle as you can stomach

Anonymous said...

hors d'oeuvre will be baloney and tripe

Anonymous said...

Fully support Tim updating his CV, the marketing is all but complete and I am sure spending some quality time with family while exploring new opportunities will do his health no end of good