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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Older Australians Mostly Comfortable With Sharing Data For Health Research.

This article appeared last week:

Data sharing OK say older Australians, as MyHealth Record extends to all

Two thirds of older Australians say they are comfortable having their de-personalised medical data used for research purposes, according to a new survey.
The survey, published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health,  asked 2000 Australians aged 55 and over if they found it acceptable to have data that had been collected during their aged care assessment de-identified, collected and used for health research.
A total of 66.7% of participants replied ‘yes’ with a third of this group indicating they would be comfortable for data sharing to occur without their consent.
A larger proportion (41%) of those who agreed said they would only find it acceptable if they were asked first (opt-in) while one quarter (26%) said they would only be comfortable having their data shared if they were first given the chance to opt out.
Meanwhile, 21.5% of participants said it was not acceptable to have their data utilised, and 11.9% said they were ‘not sure’.
A higher proportion (80%) of respondents who had already completed an aged care assessment found the inclusion of their data in a registry acceptable.
More here:
The link to the full paper – open access – is here:
Useful and interesting research.

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