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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Some Fun myHR Statistics To Make You Think!

As at May 29 the following are what we are being told.
Here is the link to the latest one:
A few numbers:
Consumers registered       5,821,864
Clinical Document Uploads          5,864,519
So that means that each consumer has on average just 1 clinical document on their record.
About 30% only actually have a Shared Health Summary. This means that since 2012 at best 7% of the population have a Shared Health Summary uploaded and some could be 3 or 4 years old!!
What is compelling in the statistics is that anything that is automatically uploaded with so called continuing or standing consent has huge numbers of records and those that need effort on some-one’s part no so much!
The system is basically a Hoover of automated documents which as we know can sometimes go to the wrong place.

MyHealth bungle: Dozens of patient records mixed up

15th November 2016
Federal bureaucrats have inadvertently filled the MyHealth Records of almost 100 people with Medicare data from other patients, it has emerged.
These included five patients whose newly-created My Health Records were populated with somebody else’s MBS and PBS history because the other person had similar identifying details, such as the same name or birthdate.
Another 86 patients had somebody else’s Medicare claims added to their record.
Mistakes by the Department of Human Services affected 96 patients in the last financial year, compared with only 12 patients in the year before, according to a new report from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.
The information commissioner is still conducting five investigations into MyHealth Record data breaches, all related to the Department of Human Services.
 More here:
Automated uploads now total over 700,000,000 while all the clinical document uploads are under 6,000,000. (less than 1%) showing this is a admin rather than clinical system.
I note that 349 organisations have cancelled their myHR registration – wonder why?
Lastly there are just NO stats on how often the system is referred to for clinical information – just none.
Enough said. This is a clinically unused white-elephant that is represented as clinically useful but mostly simply isn’t.

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