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Thursday, June 07, 2018

The ADHA Just Thumbs Its Nose At Proper Disclosure!

Checked at 11.00am today:

Australian Digital Health Agency Board

So they are happy to go 1/2 a year with no Board disclosure.

As with the Digital Baby Initiative - more disclosure would likely foster more support and the secrecy makes one wonder what they have to hide?

Clearly they don't give a fig about their stakeholders. Just hopeless.



Anonymous said...


Seems they are getting more GMs. Nothing on there website and seems you have to be a citizen to work there now? Interesting they are looking for another CFO, they do go through them wonder if there are less the honest transaction taking place

Dr Ian Colclough said...

There is nothing mysterious going on. You are just jumping at shadows. They are muddling along as best they can despite all the deficiencies within the organisation oblivious to the problems.

Anonymous said...

@6:55 PM "I wonder if there are less than honest transactions taking place".

More than likely given the long tortuous history. You'll never know unless the whole operation, project, business processes, governance, operations and application developed is subject to an audit.

Anonymous said...

Need not apply, these are internal appointments. The ADHA is just going through the process. As for being an Australian citizen, the ADHA is a federal government agency I think citizenship is a standard requirement.

Wonder if that has any impact on some at the ADHA?

Anonymous said...

The commercial role is odd? Looks just like an IT manager role, this will be I am told it is simply to reward and to firm up that circle of friends we hear so much about.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if that has any impact on some at the ADHA?

If by that are you referring to the CEO? The CEO was hired on a 5 year tenure, plenty of time to become an Australian Citizen. Is the ADHA. a retirement job for the CEO, I doubt it.

10:07 PM, agree, nothing much in all this and really makes no difference one way or another.

EHealth in the hands of the states and territories seems to be far more interesting and clearly show signs the ADHA and MyHR are fast becoming irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

what ehealth? All we have is a document management system designed to vacuum up patient data to match with billing data so that the government can monitor and control GPs. We are so far from eHealth it isn't funny. It's a bit like the Kim and Donald circus - a smoke and mirror fantasy. A gust of wind and it will all blow away.

Garry said...

eHealth? is that electronic or, egregious?