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Monday, July 27, 2009

Core Recommendations from the NHHRC on E-Health.

On page 8 of the Executive Summary of the NHHRC Final report we have the Key e-Health Recommendations.

The full report is found here:


The relevant parts are these – so far!

Smart use of data, information and communication

Our third lever to support an agile, self improving system is the smart use of data, information and communication.

We are recommending a transforming e-health agenda to drive improved quality, safety and efficiency of health care.

The introduction of a person-controlled electronic health record for each Australian is one of the most important systemic opportunities to improve the quality and safety of health care, reduce waste and inefficiency, and improve continuity and health outcomes for patients. Giving people better access to their own health information through a person-controlled electronic health record is also essential to promoting consumer participation, and supporting self-management and informed decision-making. We want the Commonwealth Government to legislate to ensure the privacy and security of a person’s electronic health data.

Making the patient the locus around which health information flows is critical and will require a major investment in the broader e-health environment. Electronic health information and health care advice will increasingly be delivered over the internet. Broadband and telecommunication networks must be available for all Australians if we are to fulfil the real promise of e-health.

We are also recommending that clinicians and health care providers are supported to ‘get out of paper’ and adopt electronic information storage, exchange and decision support software. The Commonwealth Government must set open technical standards which can be met by the vendor industry while ensuring the confidentiality and security of patient information. Most importantly, we urge governments to expedite agreement on a strengthened national leadership structure for implementing a National Action Plan on E-health, with defined actions to be achieved by specified dates.

Access to good information is also vital to measuring and monitoring the health of our population. We are recommending the development of Healthy Australia Goals 2020 – the first in a rolling series of ten-year goals. We want all Australians to participate in setting these goals and working towards improvements in health outcomes at local, regional and national levels.

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Comments on all this will follow after details digested.


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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the key to health reform and innovation is to not include pages numbers of key reports so that no one can cite them properly.