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Friday, July 17, 2009

A Report from the European Union that Nails E-Health.

Sweden has recently taken the rotating Presidency of the EU.

As part of its preparation it had Gartner develop an in-depth analysis of the successes and potential of e-Health across the member countries. The report reviews the experience of six countries including the UK, France, Holland and so on.

The report is cited here:

eHealth for a Healthier Europe!


Publication date: 01 July 2009

Type: Reports

Source: Ministry of Health and Social Affairs


The full page is here:


This is a just superb piece of work and needs to be read by all interested in the area.

A must not miss document that makes it clear just how visionless and ignorant the present e-Health powers (NEHTA, DoHA and Ms Roxon and her office) are!

You would think somewhere among this collection of people might have had the wit to have commissioned work of this quality to clarify what is needed.

Read and weep at the quality of the leadership we presently have.


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