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Friday, July 10, 2009

A Green Shoot from Ms Roxon?

The following appeared yesterday.

Roxon preparing e-health reforms

Suzanne Tindal, ZDNet.com.au
09 July 2009 05:27 PM
Tags: e-health, roxon, conroy, aiia, reform

Health Minister Nicola Roxon has finally turned her gaze to e-health, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said today.

"I know that Nicola, our health minister, has been working extensively on some e-health reforms," Conroy said at an Australian Information Industry Association lunch in Sydney today. "Without getting into trouble, I understand that there are some things in the not too distant future that she might be saying on this front."

Roxon's inaction on the e-health front has had the Shadow Health Minister Peter Dutton saying earlier this year that she had no agenda, despite his offers of bipartisan support for reforms. His views were shared by some in the e-health industry.

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We can now all wait and see! Would have been nice for them to have been some decent consultation before we have something ‘just dropped’ on us.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Perhaps their consultation has been done 'behind closed doors'. Perhaps what they plan to announce doesn't need consultation. Perhaps they have been paying attention after all to all the criticism and to your blog and in so doing rounded up some new blood to provide advice on a new way of approaching the issues.

We should hope so because nothing is more certain than this: if they use the same advisers as they have used the last five years, or even the last ten years if you go back as far as when HealthConnect was started, then we will see a perpetuation of the same inadequate thinking that has led to where we are today.