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Thursday, July 30, 2009

HIC 09 – Australia’s Peak E-Health Conference – Alert Number 2

The HIC 09 Conference is being held in Canberra between August 19 and 21, 2009.

The conference web site is found here:


In a series of posts over the next two weeks I want to highlight some of the goodies on offer, and encourage you to attend if you possibly can.

All the details and registration is available on the link above.

Alert 2.

Personal Health Records and the NHHRC

With all the talk of Personal Health Records following the NHHRC report why not hear from a real expert in the area at HIC 09.

Here we have one:

Mr Omid Moghadam is one of the key note speakers

Mr Omid not only is a genomics expert but is also highly relevant to the NHHRC report emphasis on personal health records. Omid started the DOSSIA initiative, which is still one of the largest PHR projects in the US with Walmart employees amongst others using it. He was also on the original Robert Wood Johnson Foundation PHR group which developed the standards.

Here is a brief CV

“Omid Moghadam is a member of staff at Harvard Medical School's Center for Biomedical Informatics, focusing on applications of next generation sequencing and personal genomics. He is also the Chair of National Development Board for the Ignite Institute for the Individual Health (www.ignitehealth.org), a newly formed research institute in personalized medicine.

Previously, he was the Global Director for Intel Genomics, an Intel division focused on providing services to the Genomics market. Prior to joining Intel Genomics, he founded Dossia Corporation (www.dossia.org), a corporation that has created a national network for storing life long consumer owned health records. Mr. Moghadam served as Dossia Chief Executive for three years. Before Dossia, Mr. Moghadam was the head of product strategy at Intel, where he led the transition of the corporation from single to multiple core processors.

Prior to joining Intel, Mr. Moghadam was a Principal of the American Management Systems, a management consultancy based in Washington, D.C. At AMS, he focused his efforts on serving clients strategy needs in healthcare, finance and government.

Before AMS, Mr. Moghadam spent seven years with Eastman Kodak Company in various technical and general management roles. His assignments ranged from creation of the Digital Angiography business, to managing regional sales and marketing for the newly created Digital Imaging business and leading mergers and acquisition deals in the printing and semiconductor sectors.

An expert in medical imaging, Mr. Moghadam holds bachelors and masters degrees in electrical and computer engineering, with concentration in biophysics. He also holds an MBA in finance.

Mr. Moghadam is an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Lally School of Management at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and also serves on the advisory boards of Markle Foundation's Personal Health Technology, Children Hospital Boston's Gene Partnership Program, CITL Personal Health Records, and Robert Wood Johnson's Project Health Design. A prolific inventor, he holds 32 patents, and has received the honor of being named an Eastman distinguished inventor.”

A must not miss speaker!


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Mahtab Farid said...

I also suggest that you will not miss the excellent speech on health care by Omid Moghadam. He is simply brilliant.