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Monday, July 13, 2009

Having Worked on it For Years – DoHA Now Wants to Consult on e-Health Identifiers!

The following arrived on the NEHTA RSS today.





Government releases UHI consultation paper

Important facts to note:


Submissions will not be made publicly available but will be shared with relevant government agencies to inform jurisdictional consideration of national privacy arrangements. Please note that submissions or comments will generally be subject to freedom of information provisions.

The closing date for comments and submissions is 5pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time), 14 August 2009.


Don't you love these people! As always, terrified someone might have an opinion they are not comfortable with. Have they actually heard of democracy?

I wonder after the development of all the Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) over the last few years – and a failure to publish them – why they are not released to encourage and facilitate informed discussion? Your guess is as good as mine!

Could it be, to release them, might just alert people to things they may have missed?

Can you really believe COAG authorised this work in 2006 and we are hoping it might start in 2010. Speedy Gonzales this collection of bureaucrats are not! (why do comparisons with an inability to organise a few drinks in a brewery leap to mind?)- see intro on web link!

Of course, whatever they propose still have to get through the Senate. That might mean a start date in 2020!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

NEHTA has absolutely no idea. They just keep getting worse day by day. Is there anyone in the IT industry or in MSIA or in HISA able to come out with some laudatory plaudits about NEHTA. They won't get into trouble by NEHTA or the bureaucracy if they do so publicly - guaranteed. What is Murkesh Haikerwal doing? Surely he is meant to be advising NEHTA on (how do they describe it) "Clinical Engagement"? Clinical Disengagement is more like it. When will Mr David Gonski put his foot down? Or is he also totally out of his depth? Most likely. He must by now have realised the big corporate world ain't nothing like the world of health.