Monday, July 16, 2012

AusHealthIT Poll Number 130 – Results – 16th July, 2012.

The question was:
Now We Have Seen The NEHRS / PCEHR Do You Believe The Australian Public Has Received Value For Its Money ($500m+ so far)?
Most Definitely
-  3 (6%)
-  1 (2%)
Probably Not
-  4 (8%)
No Way
-  38 (82%)
Votes : 46
A very clear response with 90% or so saying we had not had value for the funds expended.
Again, many thanks to those that voted!
Please note : Suggestions for future polls always welcome.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, the numbers say it all. Just about every stakeholder group involved must be unhappy with this empty and to be frank, useless delivery. It is now clear that the message delivered by this blog and many others in the industry is correct, the Emperor has no clothes!!

It does not auger well for future take up and buy in. I hope that this clear concern within the industry leads to some sort of reaction at the political level.

We have given the bureaucrats an opportunity to shine, we have given the consulting houses an opportunity to solve the problem. It was the wrong solution, building a central solution won't work, the stakeholders won't have it. This will end up embarrassing the Minister, she has been let down here by her department.

This is a world wide problem and if we were smart we would have embraced local industry involvement rather than rebuffing them and presiding over the deliver of a $500m joke! Can you imagine how much this could have done for the local industry?