Monday, July 02, 2012

It Seems The NEHTA Sponsored Blogger Has Been Told How To Apply On-line For A NEHRS / PCEHR When The Public Is In The Dark.

Go here to play with all the tricks. Multiple sites - have bills to hand and so on!

Pity the transparency is as one might expect. Zilch!

I look forward to hearing how people go! 

As I said 'Aggressively (Normal) User Hostile!

If true, I guess all this does show they have access to the various Medicare databases - if nothing else - and that at least a basic system is possibly in existence. Obviously the criticism stirred them along!

Maybe a visit to his site or two will cheer him up.


Tuesday 1:30 pm update - the access window to the PCEHR System has apparently been closed. Looks like someone goofed big time!



Anonymous said...

Well I just registered, and said yes bring in my medicare information, but when I list my medicare information, under the organ donor part it says:

"No organ donations registered."

This is not correct. So I am not sure if it has the Medicare data yet...probably can't rely on it if it isn't coming across regularly/in real time. Perhaps they only update it overnight. If so, then it should say something like:
This was last updated on dd/mm/yyyy.

Anonymous said...

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire Mr Wright!

There is NO "Login" button, at least there wasn’t when I just went to look 2 minutes ago, and therefore how on earth did you "Apply Online" for your PCEHR?

Now we have deceit compounding the unadulterated spin in full flight around the launch of this PCEHR debacle. I hope NEHTA pays you well with Tax Payers money to compensate you for your complete lack of integrity and credibility.

Anonymous said...

Yes - I have registered and agreed to Medicare databases being accessed, but in the NEHRS record, it says I have nothing - no claims, not an organ donor, no prescriptions claimed. Yet if I go look in Medicare, I can see that I am an organ donor, and I have been to the doctor and bought some meds from the pharmacy. Which system do I believe?

Unknown said...

I already have a login at with links to Medicare and Centrelink. Easy to link to NEHRS - no further verification needed.
No health information in the NEHRS (of course), but I was able to set up email alerts for when someone else (e.g. GP) access my record. Not that I expect any alerts for a long time to come!
Couldn't do anything else - e.g. correct my address info.
Interface is a bit odd - with unneeded popups when I hover over the navigation part. But, no doubt, I would get used to it with frequent use. :-)

Anonymous said...

This explains a lot:

B said...

It looks to me as though NEHTA has been using live systems for testing. The links that were there have been removed probably because the NEHRS system is not ready to go live.

Either Mr Wright has inside information or the information has been removed, but I can find no directions that say you have to first register at In fact, if you go to it says is your gateway to Australia’s personally controlled electronic health record system, linking you to information about eHealth records and the system itself.

and directs you back to

If the system builders are using live systems for testing then that raises issues of legality and best practice.

Anonymous said...

Knock knock, hello -- has anyone looked at the link I posted earlier? I think you should!!!

Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...

Yes - many have and wait for today's blog a bit later in the day. Others have also taken note I am told.


Anonymous said...

By briefly making the system available taking a handful of live registrations then the claims that the system will be live on 1st July can be validated. The fact that it is barely functioning and only available for a short period are just minor technicalities.

Anonymous said...

So did anyone consent to being part of a test? I do not recall seeing any information stating that my registration would be part of a test, nor that the system would then go offline after a brief but unspecified period.
Have any laws been breached? I feel I have been mis-lead and have participated in something I have not been provided sufficient information from which it could be said that I had reasonably made an informed decision.

Anonymous said...

This wasn't a test. They pulled the system because it is had problems. If they told the truth everyone would understand it was teething problems, but when you start to cover your tracks with lies, that's when you get into trouble. Politics 101. Evade or disclose but don't lie.

Anonymous said...

Well I started a record in good faith, and if I am a guinea Pig I hope that the testing staff are not looking at my health information or my settings! I want an audit log of what happened after they started my record and then removed my access to it!