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Sunday, July 15, 2012

It Seems The PCEHR Is Not Handling Things All That Well. I Just Had Another Look And Found It Was Not Working Properly.

Since it was a week since I had signed up - I thought - time to have another look and see if anything has changed. (About 1.00pm AEST)
Well it has and not in a good way.
When I had a look at my Personal Summary all seemed well. Self-entered data present and correct. All good so far.
Then I decided to click on Medicare Services Overview.
The last time I tried this - I was given a list of the four data categories (PBS Information, Medicare Claims etc.) and told that there was no information yet available on each.
This time I got the little ‘whirling starburst’ which then kept going and going. After an age (30+ seconds at least I got the following:
Error Details
An error has occurred processing your request.
Well it seems that something is being tweaked, changed or whatever - but the error message is hardly useful! No idea about if the error was known about, was being fixed and when things might be fixed.
At least the system didn’t totally crash! Not a good look for all this money.
Will try again next week and report back.
Addendum - Checked at 6.35pm. No change so bug fixing seems to be on Public Service hours.



Anonymous said...

Well David, I suppose for the money paid to date that there is a bug fix for this going in as we speak.

We now have the irony of our PM saying:

"Anyone flying in our air space, Qantas or others, should be turning around and paying Australian wages and conditions and providing where it's appropriate Australian jobs."

Apparently not the same for IT workers!

According to one source on the internet:




This doesn't look like Australian wages and conditions to me, less than $8000 per annum, or less than $35 per day for a senior programmer? This is less than 10% of Australian wages and conditions.

The famous statement earlier this year about spending $1m per day and working over Christmas equates to around 25,000 workers at these rates.

But lets not get off topic, hopefully there will be a bug fix released soon!

Anonymous said...

Here are some other glitches I have noticed:
I added a personal health note, and when I hover over it on the index sidebar it says that I am the author, and that my role is "Provision and administration of public health program". (I hope that's not my role!)

All other health systems I have seen, for allergies or medications, distinguish between "none listed" and "no medications/allergies". I am unable to register the latter concept. I thought there was a standard in medical data for this?

I am pretty sure I entered data about next of kin into my record at some point, but can no longer see this on the record - is it the same for everyone? Or is it just my record - perhaps I accidentally restricted access to it, even for me?

Anonymous said...

perhaps it just doesn't work? now ain't that a surprise?

Anonymous said...

Have any of you reported any of your findings to any of the great powers that be? The call centre perhaps. No doubt DOHA, NEHTA and Accenture think it is all going swimmingly so far.........

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

We all know they read the blog :-)


Keith said...

Anonymous 7/16/2012 11:01:00 AM said...

"Have any of you reported any of your findings to any of the great powers that be? The call centre perhaps. No doubt DOHA, NEHTA and Accenture think it is all going swimmingly so far........."

Surely no need - this system has undergone the most rigorous testing. Hasn't it?

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

People may like to respond to the new poll on just this issue.