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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Council Of Australian Governments - Meeting Alert

I am assured there is a meeting of COAG which will have an impact on e-Health funding and NEHTA later today.

There will be a communique later in the day on what was decided between the Prime Minister, State Premiers and so on.

I will bring it to you when I get hold of it.

Watch this space...


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Anonymous said...

It is perfectly apparent that the States have been doing their own e-Health thing for a long time and will continue doing so. They were seduced into funding NEHTA without any clear understanding of what they would get in return. After pouring in truckloads of money they now know with hindsight what they got - nothing of any use.

In fact it's worse than that. In the beginning, as the saying goes, NEHTA didn't want to know anything about the primary care sector all it wanted to do was sort out the hospitals, show and tell the states what it could do and what they had to do or the big stick would be wielded.

Then suddenly, about turn, the hospitals are too hard, the states too difficult. The low hanging fruit of primary care will give quick wins and NEHTA will be born again. Not so it seems. The Wave sites are swamped in a tsunami of debris and detritus. Credibility has all but evaporated. What to do.

COAG will save us. They have the money. The Federal Government has contributed its 50 percent. Now the State jurisdictions can contribute their share. And all will be well, business as usual. Unless, the States decide they have been doing AOK without NEHTA's help thank you very much.

DOHA set NEHTA up because it made such a mess of HealthConnect it wanted a way to distance itself from the fallout and so NEHTA was born.

It makes sense to say to DOHA, you set NEHTA up you can carry the can from hereon. We have no more money and we have elections to win.

There are plenty of competent technology eHealth developers ready and capable of advancing eHealth without NEHTA telling them how to do it. Why, we may yet see a thriving eHealth sector once again if the States snap their purses shut today.