Monday, July 23, 2012

AusHealthIT Poll Number 131 – Results – 23rd July, 2012.

The question was:
Was The NEHRS / PCEHR Made Available For Public Use Before It Was Properly Tested And Ready?
No - It Was Ready
-  4 (8%)
 - 1 (2%)
 - 1 (2%)
Yes - It Was Not Ready
 - 39 (86%)
Votes : 45
A very clear response with close to 90% or so saying they were not ready. Shows just how silly doing this sort of project driven by political deadlines.
Again, many thanks to those that voted!


Anonymous said...

presumably the 4 who said it was ready work for DoHA or NeHTA? Only someone on the payroll would possibly think this thing was ready...

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding. We at DoHA/NeHTA are in the best position to know exactly how unready it was!!

Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...

As demonstrated in the Australian today. See:

E-health records system went live despite known bugs

by: Fran Foo
From: The Australian
July 24, 2012 12:00AM


Anonymous said...

It's the same project methodology and life cycle as Queensland Health Payroll!

Anonymous said...

then Anon @0841, we should all be very afraid! and whatever those four are smoking, I'd like some! :-)