Monday, November 04, 2013

Dr Stephen Hambleton Speaks On His Aims And Concerns In The E-Health Debate. He Is Part Of The Enquiry.

Dr Hambleton spoke on ABC Radio National’s Breakfast Show at 7.44am this am.

There will be audio available very soon from this link.

Basic message seemed to be that unless the system is actually easy to use and actually adds value and is not having bits switched on and off by patients it won’t be used.


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Trevor3130 said...

This inquiry will major on 'trust' that practitioners may have in the NEHR. How that is weighted against how it is trusted by taxpaying consumers remains to be seen.
On 774 radio today was a pretty good example of how trust is eroded by sloppy implementation of new electronic services.
The CFA has a FireReady app under development. Some time over the weekend an operator pressed the 'Live' button instead of the 'Test'. A high intensity fire warning was broadcast by mistake. Then when the correction was sent round by email, the 'Reply-all' button was pressed, so everyone on the list got to know all the other email addresses.
That saga holds good lessons for NEHR, although we can be fairly certain the Chief Controller is applying the decades of experience of aviation industries in preventing human error. No, it's not likely that an ED doc who is tired, rushed, distracted & hung-over will be ordering medications.