Monday, November 04, 2013

PCEHR Interview On Radio National - Direct Link.

Here is the direct link.

6 minutes long.

Abbott launches inquiry into e-health

Monday 4 November 2013 7:54AM
The Federal Government has announced an inquiry into e-health, which it says is currently costing almost $200 000 a patient.
The $1-billion dollar health initiative has been largely shunned by Australia's doctors and is described by the Abbott government as a 'scandal.'
The e-health system, introduced by the former Labor government was designed to allow healthcare providers and hospitals to view and share an individual's health information.



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Anonymous said...

This inquiry is flawed if the AMA President thinks and states publicly the PCEHR failings are due to software problems!

What about the problems of the overall healthcare system and the AMA's dysfunctional role in the current system contributing to the failure of the PCEHR and any other software application attempting to add value with great futility?

The inquiry is already gearing up to be handled with a farcicle outcome inevitable.