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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Is Seems The RACGP Is Somewhat Disillusioned Wiith The PCEHR.

Here is what they are saying:

Submission to the Review of the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record
Executive summary

The RACGP supports a national shared electronic health record system and the clinical benefits of healthcare providers accessing healthcare information not available via normal communications.

The RACGP has a strong history of being at the forefront of innovations in eHealth and is supported by key general practice leaders in this field. The RACGP is therefore ideally placed to guide governments and other stakeholders on what is reasonable, workable and useful for general practitioners in Australia and provide resources and education to support this.

The RACGP’s submission consists of two parts:
Part A
Recommendations to address the key issues and refocus on the successful delivery of core foundation services
Part B
Provides specific commentary on the review’s Terms of Reference

The RACGP strongly supports the adoption of 10 key recommendations:
Suspension of the current PCEHR development program.
Consolidation of existing PCEHR functionality, especially the Shared Health Summary.
Direct access to the web-based provider portal views via GP clinical desktop software.
An ongoing work program focusing on core foundation services.
Universally available, interoperable secure message delivery.
A transparent product development life cycle, with the RACGP as a priority stakeholder.
Clinically useful and safe eHealth products that align with clinical systems and workflow.
Strong, streamlined and transparent governance overseen by a single entity responsible
that is accountable for all eHealth product design and release.
Clinician-developed and led education and training that is supported and delivered to general practice by the RACGP.
Development of a value and benefits business case to support continued general practice participation in the PCEHR
General practice, through the RACGP needs to be an integral part of this process

----- End Exec Summary.

Looks like they are not all that keen on this just rolling along at all!

Read the full submission here:




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