Monday, November 11, 2013

Privacy Unbound - Fantastic Privacy Conference With Global Input Comes To Sydney In Two Weeks.

I heard about this yesterday. Here is part of the e-mail:
Dear Friends
On 25th November in Sydney Privacy unbound takes place.
It will be a day of the most useful and cutting edge privacy information and workshops. Danny Weitzner who advised the Obama administration in respect of privacy and security  will be there, Nokia’s chief Privacy Officer and CIO Mikko Niva is a Keynote as well as the former UK ICO, Richard Thomas CBE. The NSA, PRISM  & Edward Snowdon will of course be discussed by Danny Weitzner, and Richard Thomas spent days in the witness box at the Leveson Inquiry into the News of the World scandal. Attendees  will be hearing about the hottest privacy issues from the most qualified in the World.
The Hon. Michael Kirby CBE will be presiding and there will be a specific security, health and credit reporting  Workshops as well as  sessions on Privacy breaches, Big Data, Hacking, transfer of data overseas and a Global Panel to discuss the hard issues.
The day will be held in the luxurious heritage wing of the Westin Hotel and the networking opportunities will be amazing. I do hope that you and your colleagues will join us for the most sparkling event in the area of security and privacy in this year’s calendar. The new Privacy legislation starts on 12 March 2014. Can you afford not to be there?
For more please see the attached or click here:
See the link for details.
This is must not miss for those on who want to understand where all this fits in eHealth etc.

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Anonymous said...

Not many people in health want to understand the privacy implications to the handling of sensitive data...

They will when they get fined and have to remedy a privacy event after March 2014.... Hopefully they will wake up then...