Friday, August 22, 2014

Can We Tone Down The Personal Comments Please! I Don't Like Getting Letters From Laywers!

I have just removed 3 comments from the Blog after a stern letter from NEHTA's lawyers.

To avoid repetitions of this sort of stuff can all not be quite so personal in the comments. Make the points, but avoid attacking the personalities directly.

If you don't I will simply not be able to post the comments.




Anonymous said...

I did not see the comments you removed, but please do not be too paranoid about legal letters.

If someone says "X is a thief" then indeed they had better be able to back that up with evidence. But if they say "I believe X is incompetent because ..." then you are on fairly safe ground as long as the ... is clearly true.

It would be good to know approximately what was removed.

That said, we do not want the blog to become vindictive.

Anonymous said...

David, could you please post a copy of the letter you received for everyone's benefit.

This is something which should be public. Shining a light on such letters helps.

Anonymous said...

Could the poor sensitive souls unleashing lawyers on you David for NEHTA's "protection" make sure they are funding it with their own funds and NOT Taxpayers' funds from NEHTA's accounts!

NEHTA and their staff are only cementing the extent of their incompetence through such insecure antics by bullying you through the threat of any vacuous legal action.

Free speech should trump this nonsense of any libel threat, especially where the outputs and severe lack of any measurable or beneficial outcomes from NEHTA are concerned!

It would be amusing to see NEHTA staff pursue a libel case (at their own expense!) as any reasonable man test would clearly see working for NEHTA and having NEHTA located on their resume is reputational damage enough...

Abbott, Dutton and Hockey best accelerate liquidating this NEHTA farce before any more damage is inflicted on Australia's economy and health sector and unconscionable waste of Taxpayers' funds!

If the legal letter was funded by Taxpayers, then by all means post it for us funders to see and we'll crowd-source your class action countersuit against NEHTA for restraint against trade and curtailing "free speech"!!

Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...

I think NEHTA has done itself more harm than good here - with their funding of the legal letter (the letter makes it clear the action is by NEHTA on behalf of their employees) and their obvious near paranoia about what is said on the blog.

NEHTA clearly recognises that there is a substantial well informed readership here who are very unhappy with their leadership, capabilities and delivery for e-Health in Australia.

They are right to be worried in my view as most see them and the PCEHR as abject failures.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! I think the architectural police are worried about the coffeleaks scandals!
I do understand- they do have to protect the reputation of their employees - after all not many people can succeed so well at failure and repeat it..

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the effect of a few posts was worse than we all understand. Ehealth has never been an easy space to juggle and deal with stakeholders and can be frustrating at best and destroy ones self confidence, perhaps it was a bit much in this instance.

Ehealth will not change and there are many involved that this sort of thing would simple run like water of a ducks back, but ease back a bit for now please

Anonymous said...

If only those unfortunate souls penalised and adversely impacted by NEHTA's incompetence are shown this much compassion, then I'm sure Australia's eHealth sector would be remarkably different and its contribution to Australia's Healthcare sector vastly more beneficial!

But while the thievery of the NET Taxpayers continues and NEHTA's incompetence reigns, the criticism will remain, the brickbats will fly and the bouquets will tragically stay locked away until this situation drastically changes...

If memory serves me correctly, the withdrawn comments were not libelous and the sensitive souls best get out of the kitchen, stop robbing the NET Taxpayer or create some observable, measurable and beneficial outcome to Australia's Healthcare system to "earn" their NET Taxpayer funded keep!

Anonymous said...


Looks like you've been subjected to some "Narcissistic Rage"!

Historical readers of this BLOG will observe no surprise here...

Anonymous said...

This little storm in a tea cup is a reflection of the culture prevailing at NEHTA in the workplace. You will all recall some time ago the exposure of NEHTA's bullying culture - I would posit that this little episode is but an extension of that culture beyond the internal NEHTA environment into the outside world with David in the firing line on this occasion. I'm sure that many more of the blogs anonymous readers / commentators would also be targeted if they provided their addresses for such purposes.

Anonymous said...

David - will you be publishing the letter from NEHTA? I for one would very much like to see what they have written.


Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...

No I won't publish it as I believe its contents are subject to legal privilege.