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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The Madness Rolls On. I Simply Do Not Believe This!

I just checked the PCEHR Questionnaire again.

I found this at Question 5.

5. Which do you like best?
Option Apple
Amazingly the same question is in place for providers, consumers and developers as of 1.00pm.

Wanders off shaking head in despair.

Why is the survey not taken down, fixed, properly tested and then restarted?


Note: At 2:20 pm I was told Question 5 has been fixed:

5. What clinical measurements need to be included in a shared health record? Please specify (max 100 characters):

Seem these nitwits are making it up as they go along and hardly observing best practice etc.



Anonymous said...

Hey wait on! I have already responded to the questionnaire, so if they are changing the questions mid-way through then how will they be able to report on the responses? Should I do the questionnaire again? Changing goal posts - sounds familiar.

Anonymous said...

Nitwits is too kind David. By comparison the RACGPs survey was quick and easy to complete.

The RACGP's survey asks members for their views although, my most sincere apologies here, but it does have ONE MAJOR FLAW - a very major flaw.

Can you pick it?

Anonymous said...

Although I am not an RACGP Member I was most surprised to find that I could complete the RACGP questionnaire simply by clicking on the link available in the PulseIT article. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

"RACGP survey one major flaw?"
Apart from being open to all and sundry to respond - is it that there are no options which allow for 'none of the above'. E.g. Q4 asks 'Which option do you think is more likely to improve healthcare outcomes for your patients'. The response does not allow you to say none - you must pick an option to proceed.

Anonymous said...

If you are a software vendor the questions are hilarious, e.g.
"How can the information stored in the PCEHR be made more useful through the application of filters within your software to allow users to customise, or for these filters to be available from within the PCEHR?"

Amazing. Such naivety. Assuming the solution to the mess of information held in the PCEHR can be fixed by vendors simply putting in a rose-coloured filter in their product. And that how to do this can be explained in less than 100 words.

Anonymous said...

It's not a problem any longer - Telstra eHealth will fix it for NEHTA with eHaaS.