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Monday, August 04, 2014

The Consultation On The PCEHR Is A Joke And Incompetent. Idiots Can’t Even Run An Online Poll!

There is a questionnaire here:


Guess what?

The questions that are meant to allow you to respond properly don't (All That Apply limits you to a choice of one rather than as many as you want!)  As of 6.35pm - 4/08/14.

So I could not express my views!

Total idiots.

Talk about DOH management being unable to 'manage a piss-up in a brewery'!

Please fix now!

Checked 11:22pm - Spell check erratic and multiple choices still blocked.


Update 8:30am 5/8/2014. Review by others overnight have confirmed the thing is a total mess and simply not fit for its intended purpose. The powers that be need to have another try!



Anonymous said...

David - It's probably because they spent all day in the brewery creating the questionnaire!!

To Q-4 I replied:
secure interoperable information exchange to deliver a trusted, useful, functional, easy to use, comprehensive secure reliable PEHR NOT a PCEHR.

To Q-5 I replied:
Are you stupid or just plain dumb. Everything that is required to deliver good, informed clinical care.

To Q-7 I replied:
Useless - how can I select all that apply when you won't let me. Are you more than just stupid?

To Q-8 I replied:
If after all this time you still don't know you should be hung, drawn and quartered - then garotted and shot.

To Q-10 I replied:
Take this stupid questionnaire off line and get out of my space.

How right you are David, why is why over $1 billion +++ has been wasted.

Anonymous said...

Yes they didn't properly test the PCEHR when it went live (with bugs galore), and they can't even be bothered to test the questionnaire.
same old same old.

Anonymous said...

The design of questionaires takes great skill and experience. This questionaire indicates two things:

1. They don't have the skills and experience to develop a useful questionaire.

2. They think they do.

Does this sound familiar?

It's called hubris. And there's been so much hubris already, it should come as no surprise.

Anonymous said...

Q6. "What do you think are some of the key issues and risks.." - I think they have clearly answered that with this questionnaire - nuf said.

Terry Hannan said...

I am in total agreement with all the comments. Also they have designed it to almost make the PCEHR "look good". The design is so amateurish.