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Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Blog Really Stirs Up NEHTA Loyalists It Seems! Enthusiastic Voting On The Current Poll!

I just had a look at the results of the presently running  AusHealth IT Poll.

From yesterday there has been a sudden surge in votes suggesting that all will be great with the PCEHR and that DoH and NEHTA are doing a great job. (Late yesterday the poll was 80% saying there was no chance of a working and useful PCEHR being delivered)

This change in the voting oddly is contemporaneous with my comments on NEHTA and its value. (Very little.)

I will leave others to draw their own conclusions on the poll outcomes but suggest all interested do vote!



K said...

But you have not defined what "successful" means.

Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...

Try save lives, helps clinical decision making and reduces clinical errors while actually being used properly and without significant workflow impact!

In our dreams!


Anonymous said...

It's quite easy to cheat the system. It's all a matter of trust.

IMHO it's quite telling that the people who think "The Present Leadership Of NEHTA and DoHA E-Health Initiatives Will Be Able To Deliver A Successful PCEHR" are cheating - i.e. can't be trusted.

Nothing new here.

Anonymous said...

Well with no updated business blueprint, a real lack of architecture over the past few years and no bussiness strategy, one wonders if this testing environment is being funded with 'special executive descretionary funds to keep the architecture and strategy manager busy and out of the way. If this is true then it is a great strategy and I can only hope the other executives see the risk this current position holder places on NEHTA and eHealth in general