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Monday, May 11, 2015

A Credible Plan And Business Case for the PCEHR Reboot?

I just wondered if anyone knew if such documents existed and better still what they say?

I am struggling to even begin to imagine what could be additionally usefully done for $120M p. a. given the costs we are already aware of involved in just keeping the system ticking over (many millions p.a. - at least 30M p.a. I would guess). Remember, in total, Version 1 cost many, many hundreds of billions.

All leaks and contributions gratefully received and published!



Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

IMHO, the big givaway is the use of the term "reboot". Reboot doesn't mean change or improve, it means to start again doing what you did before.

A saying involving lipstick and a pig comes to mind.

Expect lots of spin predicated on unsubstantiated claims of "enormous benefits"

Anonymous said...

Presumably the States will be pleased not having to fund half of NEHTAs costs.!!!!

Some smart States refused to contribute their share of funds last year, or so it seems. But remember NEHTA is going to rumble along till Jul 2016 - doing what I ask.

The States won't want to fund it for another 12 months.

To any clear thinking rational person it just simply does not make sense which ever way you look at it.

Anonymous said...

What did the previous financial year of 2014 to 2015 of the 2014 budget of $140 buy? Any sources? It will probably give an idea of what to expect.

Karen Dearne said...

Linda Powell, First Assistant secretary, eHealth Division, told Senate Estimates in February that $28 million has been committed to the operation of the PCEHR in 2015-16.

And, "that is for the costs of continuing to operate the system - just the technical work".

Senator Di Natale: Just to basically operate it?

Ms Powell: Yes

Karen Dearne said...

As to the $140 million available in 2014-15, in answer to Senator Di Natale's question "What has this been spent on?"

Ms Powell: "Of the $140m, $103.9m is set aside for, primarily, the Health department, but some goes to the Department of Human Services and some goes to Veterans Affairs to operate the PCEHR.

"I will give you these splits: $82m goes to Health; $21.8m goes to Human Services, $0.1m goes to Veterans Affairs; $2.3m goes to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner; $34.4m goes to NEHTA as part of our COAG contributions to pay for the eHealth foundation work that is done by NEHTA, and that adds up to $140m.

"We would expect that that would be close to spent."

So, there you go!

Anonymous said...

So none of this money trickled down on site into - direct training and support of, or incentives to - healthcare providers to use the PCEHR or other parts of the government provided eHealth Infrastructure (e.g. digital certificates and Identifiers)?

Without that I fail to see how it in its current version, or a 'better' replacement would succeed anyway. It will be doomed as a white elephant, retarding progress in eHealth, not advancing it with the lack of confidence and application.

And why is only Senator Di Natale remaining asking the tough questions?