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Friday, May 15, 2015

Surely This Is Shuffling The Deck Chairs On The Titanic!

This appeared a little while ago.

Immigration CIO leaves to join Health

Paul Madden takes over e-health drive.

The Department of Immigration's chief information officer Matt Yannopoulos will leave the agency to take over as CIO at the federal Department of Health.
Yannopoulos will end an almost two-year stint as Immigration's top tech chief in July to take on a position held by former Health CIO Paul Madden, as first reported by Intermedium.
Madden was moved into a new special adviser role at Health - responsible for strategic health systems and information management - as the result of an internal restructure several months ago.
His remit includes the agency's e-health initiatives.
Following Madden's promotion, Bettina Konti was placed into the role of CIO.
She will now move into the department's e-health division under Madden to deliver the switch from opt-in to opt-out for the national myHealth Record (formerly PCEHR).
Yannopoulos will take on the title of CIO and responsibility for the systems that support the Department’s operations.
More details here:
Given that according to the Budget Papers there is no National E-Health Strategy or plan one can only wish them some luck and hope they are very good at making it up as they go along!
One would have to think maybe Bettina has been given a poisoned chalice! We can all watch on with interest…..
This really has the feel of a disaster in the making, not because of the people but because of the bizarre way they are apparently being forced to proceed.

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