Sunday, September 04, 2016

AusHealthIT Poll Number 334 – Results – 4th September, 2016.

Here are the results of the poll.

Has The Bungled On-Line Census Damaged The Level Of Trust And Confidence The Public Have In Government Programs Like myGov and myHR?

Yes 99% (101)

No 0% (0)

I Have No Idea 1% (1)

Total votes: 102

What amazing unanimity again. It seems most think the #Censusfail has some wider implications, maybe for e-Health etc.

A great turnout of votes.

Again, many, many thanks to all those that voted!



Anonymous said...

The damage to PCEHR was there before census, with the removal of the various executives responsible for its design now gone (noting DoH folks including a now board member remain), the new CEO for ADHA might be able to change things. If the CEO can avoid re-hiring the old guard and as I am sure he will - ask how we got here and we're do we want to go and why then I am willing to give him a year.

As for the latest poll, registration is not really a good measure of success, what level of use or participation amongst others might be a wise change in language.

CEO, there are a number of talented and knowledgable people sprinkled about EHealth look beyond those who are in reality just self promoting.

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

Latest stats as of 28 August

Registrations 4,103,368 An increase in a week of 24,029

Shared Health Summaries 279,262 (Total, since July 2012)

Increase in SHSs since 21 August (1 week) 11,917
That would be a mixture of new SHSs and updated.

Assuming an average of one update per SHS:
Proportion of Registrations with a SHS 3.4%
Proportion of Australian Citizens with a SHS 0.58%

Reported number of downloads: Zero
Reduction in cost of national health care because of use of My Health Record. None reported - ever. AFAIK.

Success is in the eye of the beholder.

Anonymous said...

Minister, it is our strongest recommendation that another ePIP should be introduced as a high priority to reimburse doctors for each SHS downloaded to the practice. Then we will have achieved full uptake and neutralized the naysayers unfounded criticism of the system.

Anonymous said...

.,.. the new CEO for ADHA might be able to change things (September 04, 2016 9:35 AM)..... well, given that he is new to Australia, has no experience with the local politics, no relationships with the diverse community of s/w vendors, and is beholden to the Department with no flexibility to do anything other that what the Department says he has not a snowball's chance in hell of making a difference. Particularly so as he obviously doesn't even know how bad things are because, party line or not, he is silly enough to state in public that the My Health Record is a success.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what his minions have told him? I wonder if he's been told about a certain and infamous Secretary of the DoH whose goal was to build a gigantic database of as much health data as possible. You don't have to tell the peasants - they're not interested in privacy or cross linking data.

Why? because it seemed like a good idea at the time. And you could always throw it overboard if things got a bit awkward.

Anonymous said...

I think we are well past any motivation to "Fix" anything or achieve anything and we are firmly in the land of making it appear to be successful and not the gigantic waste of money that it is. The CEO would understand this and I am sure his base qualification as a journalist will help him keep up appearances. In fact be careful if you have anything innovative or useful because you will make them look silly and become a target. Just as it seems the politicians aim is to win the next election, the aim of this CEO will be to keep it appearing a success until he can move on to the next role or retire with a golden handshake. Its now firmly in the land of to big to fail. The challenge is how to achieve real progress while flying under the success radar that makes you a target. That's the price you pay for having old fashioned values like wanting to do something useful.

Anonymous said...

The failed census changed the ball game.
ABS said they wanted to link to health data.
Where else is it coming from?

Anonymous said...

Re: .. September 04, 2016 4:15 PM ... the aim of this CEO will be to keep it appearing a success until he can move on to the next role or retire with a golden handshake. .... The challenge is how to achieve real progress ...

It's just possible the CEO will be a bit more circumspect and discretely ask a few experts for an off-the-record behind-the-scenes meeting to ascertain what has led up to this appalling state of affairs and what he should attempt to do to address the key problems. He knows who he should ask because some of us have already written to him with that suggestion.