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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Sometimes You Here From Commentators Who Really Are Not Firmly Connected to Reality!

This popped up last week.

Call to use existing networks to skill CALD seniors for e-health services

By Natasha Egan on September 2, 2016 in Industry, Technology
As digital health services become mainstream there are opportunities to improve care and support for culturally and linguistically diverse seniors, but low levels of digital and health literacy mean they risk missing out, a provider says.
Telehealth and e-health are no longer in trial mode but are fast becoming part of the way older people are looked after in this country, according to Stelvio Vido, CEO of Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre, which provides services including aged care to migrants and refugees in Melbourne.
Cultural norms, language and low rates of health literacy are among the barriers to older Australians from a CALD background accessing aged care services, Mr Vido said. Enabling this group to share in the benefits of ehealth and telehealth required improving their health literacy as well as their digital and e-health literacy, he added.
 “Their low level of health literacy and digital literacy means that telehealth does not become as relevant or accessible mode of care and support for them as it is for the rest of us,” Mr Vido told the Future of Aged Care conference in Sydney this week.
“One of the challenges for these groups is their own cultural norms and those language barriers that need to be overcome so they are comfortable to take in information and understand it.”
More here:
Surely the approach with this and similar groups is to face reality and to make sure there are appropriate alternate channels for access to health information and care. Groups such as this and a range of others such as some disabled patients, those without internet access and so on need to be looked after and given the appropriate support. Isn't this just plain common sense?
Pretending we don’t need to make alternative arrangements for this population is simply doomed to fail!

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