Friday, September 30, 2016

The CIO For NSW Health Is Making Some Very Encouraging Noises. I Hope We See Good Execution.

This article on NSW Government CIOs reveals the Health CIO is planning good things:

NSW Government CIOs share what's on and what's next

Tim Catley, Chris Robson, Aaron Liu, Tim Hume and Dr Zoran Bolevich discuss current and future IT works in their agencies.
20 September, 2016 16:30
….. (lots omitted)
Zoran Bolevich, CEO and CIO, eHealth NSW
Established in July 2014, eHealth NSW is the dedicated organisation within NSW Health to deliver technology-led healthcare to the state. The agency launched its ten year plan in May this year, which includes the development of core clinical systems, integrated care solutions and workforce and business management systems.
Bolevich was appointed as CIO and CEO of eHealth NSW in March, after acting in both roles since July last year.
“Our vision is a one of digital enablement and transformation of health services and we are well under way in achieving that,” Bolevich said. “For us cloud-based technologies are a very important part of ehealth’s strategy, and a key vehicle towards great innovation.”
Bolevich said the agency would be rolling out a new human capital management system next year. eHealth NSW had recently completed the roll-out of one of largest ever Oracle payroll implementations in Australia, placing all 140,000 NSW public health workers, and the Ministry of Health, on the same HR and payroll system.
One of the ‘horizons’ outlined in the ten year plan was for health workers to access customised real‑time information and training to support patients within a networked health environment.
“The big game for us is the use of data, the use of digital information systems as a partner and a support for clinicians,” Bolevich said. “So bringing the latest evidence and best practice to the pipeline across our systems in a consistent way that ensures we can provide safe quality services – every patient every time is the big game for us. It’s game changing.”
The full article is here:
The last paragraph is the one I found most encouraging with an emphasis on support of clinicians and a focus on quality and safety of care.
I saw an article recently pointing out the very large coverage of clinical systems what was being finalised in NSW.
All in all NSW seems, for the present, to be leading the way in relatively trouble free clinical systems implementation in their hospitals. Would be nice to hear how the other States compare.


Anonymous said...

It does certainly look promising and I agree the language behind NSW vision is more towards something of tangible value for all the community. My only advice would be not to get drunk on success to quickly and don't over engineer it.

As chair of the NHCIOF he can gel the CIO's around some common goals and get them working together as he seems to have done with NSW Health then in 3-5 years we might actually start to see interoperability really start to play a role.

All this while NEHTA was asleep and DoH was to busy with PCEHR, strange coincidence?

Anonymous said...

I think it’s too hard to make good comparisons between the states, there is lots of variation at hospital and local area level. Most people I think would maybe point to PA Hospital in Queensland or the RCH in Melbourne as being the furthest ahead in terms of EMR. I suspect NSW probably IS the most advanced on average, but there is a lot of variation too. Some areas like Western Sydney LHD and Kids Westmead are investing heavily, whereas others who have previously been leaders such as Sydney LHD seem to be going backwards. Let’s hope Dr Balevich can get things moving faster cross the board.