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Quote Of The Year - Paul Shetler - "Its not Your Health Record it's a Government Record Of Your Health Information"

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

If You Believe This You Will Believe Anything!

A few hours ago the Medical Observer made the key point that we need to consider on the myHR and the 2017 -18 Budget.

What they say is as follows:

5. Yet more cash thrown at My Health Record

Ministers are never shy about funding My Health Record. The government has already poured about $2 billion into its various iterations.

The budget adds a further $380 million over two years as the system enters a planned ‘opt-out’ era.

The government reckons, though, that greater “efficiency” resulting from the system will save some $305 million. There are no details on exactly how.


Here is the link:

 There is not a jot of evidence to suggest the $305 million will be saved. If there is any evidence it would be good to see the 'workings'! The deal the AMA and RACGP have done to up the usage of the myHR for a glacial removal of the 'rebate freeze' is really a huge con.

The same article says this:

1. The Medicare Freeze will thaw at a glacial pace

As foreshadowed in pre-budget leaks, the Medicare freeze will begin to thaw.
But the pace will be slow. Very slow.

Indexation for Medicare items will be introduced in four stages, beginning with bulk-billing incentives from July 1.

A year later — in July 2018 — indexation will recommence for GP consult items.
A year after that, indexation for specialist and allied health consultations will kick back in.

Yet an indication of the immediate impact can be found in the measly cost to the government in year one: just $9 million.


So much for evidence based policy making!



Anonymous said...

Its clear that if we want to advance real eHealth we need to do it for ourselves, something I have felt for a long time. Needs to be done despite government "Help" rather than with it. They are on a road to oblivion, no desire to hitch a ride. Cooperation is a waste of time, never listen, never learn. By the time they start to get it the organization is upended and starts again. Having ex journalist as leader makes sense and its all smoke and mirrors with no substance.

Anonymous said...

Not sure we should disengage from the Gorvernment tireless efforts, as our fearless and unselfish ADHA leader states Australia is now the first country in the world to commit to provision of a digital health record to every citizen. Based on this those who quibble are simply Academics looking to retain some resemblance of relitiveness, or greasy business people looking to retain a market share and keep faxes at the heart of health information sharing.

Anonymous said...

anon May 11 7:58. Not sure that is factually correct, other may now better, but I would reference Findland, Singapore, Estonia, (crane excluded) alternative approaches might be Switzerland and Austria and New Zealand to a large extent.

If the business driver is to be first, well that's all very interesting, but really that is a little shallow and exposes a more concerning lack of understanding or appreciation of what this profession does.

Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...

Good to see all the evidence regarding just how much money will flow from the efficiency provided by the myHR.

Could someone provide a link or two to the proof that giving everyone a secondary EHR will either improve clinical care or deliver efficiencies.

And yes the point from @7.55 is rubbish - there are many countries ahead of us - and they are doing it properly by getting GP/Specialists automated and then providing access to real and not secondary records. We are the only ones taking this crazy and doomed approach.


Anonymous said...

Interesting 7:55 references an unsubstantiated quote from the CEO of ADHA, there is much Australians should be proud of, your most recent post David is a good example. There is no need to fabricate, well I hope it's frabrication and not a naive belief, if the latter then that's is the last trust Apple gone in my barrel

7:58, I am guessing you mean France excluded? As that is an example of where we possibly are headed.

Anonymous said...

I won't substantiate the claim so as to avoid another internal witch hunt, but this reference by 7:55 is taken for a CEO truthiness communication to internal staff.