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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The ABC’s Life Matters On Radio National Covers The myHR.

This appeared early this morning.

Every Australian to have a digital health summary

Tuesday 23 May 2017 9:06AM (view full episode)
You may have a local doctor, who knows all about you in sickness and in health. But what happens when you decide to take a trip around Australia? Wouldn't it be great if other GPs along the way could access your key medical information if you get sick?
The My Health system is designed to provide an online summary of your health data, with the idea of providing the doctors you visit with easy access to your information.
Thanks to a boost in federal funding, soon everyone Australia will have a My Health Record, unless you choose to opt out of the system.


Dr Meredith Makeham
GP and Chief Medical Adviser to the Australian Digital Health Agency; Associate Professor at Macquarie University's Centre for Health Systems and Safety Research.
Dr David Glance
Director of the University of Western Australia's Centre for Software Practice.
Diana Aspinall
Consumer advocate from Katoomba in NSW, who chairs the Nepean Blue Mountains Joint Primary Health Network and Local Health District Community Advisory Committee.


Erica Vowles
Here is the link:

The segment is worth a listen to understand what is being put out there in the public domain re the myHR!

One point that should be made is that the portal systems such as OpenNotes that Dr Makeham claims have an positive evidence base all access primary clinical systems and not a secondary, probably incomplete, record. There is NO evidence that the myHR model is really able to make a positive difference which is why no one that I am aware of has copied it!


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Anonymous said...

David Glance has had considerable experience in developing the highly functional health software – MMEx – web-based electronic health record. He has a completely different view about MyHR from Meredith Makeham and Diana Aspinall.

What percentage of Dr Makeham’s patients is registered for MyHR? Does she use it routinely in her medial practice? I didn’t get the impression she thought MyHR had many deficiencies; quite the contrary.