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Thursday, May 04, 2017

It Looks Like The Future Is On Its Way At High Speed! Seems To Be Happening Very Quickly!

This bit of news popped up last week.

Babylon Health raises £50m for AI diagnosis tool

Laura Stevens

27 April 2017
Digital healthcare company, Babylon Health, have raised about £50 million to further develop its artificial intelligence clinical diagnosis capabilities.
Babylon says the new AI tool will help clinicians by providing them with a diagnosis of more routine conditions. Planned capabilities include using natural language processing to take notes in patient consultations.
Speaking to Digital Health News, Ali Parsa, founder and chief executive of Babylon, claimed the new diagnosis tool could potentially cut the cost of a consultation by 80%.
He said the latest £50m raised by Babylon that the money will go towards “engineering and mass producing the technology” for a new AI tool that will help clinicians by providing diagnosis of more routine conditions.
The new AI diagnosis tool will work in conjunction with Babylon’s existing simpler clinical triage app, symptom checker, video and text consultations and GP booking service.
“If we can relieve the doctors from doing the mundane stuff, so they can actually get on with doing the stuff that machines will not be able to do for a long time, that’s the end result of where we want to be,” said Parsa.
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Passed on without comment and with amazement!

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And what does the ADHA sink $50 million into? Retiring a fax machine with a D-Fax. The trouble with Tim is he beats a drum from a decade ago, evolution has past him by