Friday, August 04, 2017

Download Link For Australia's National Digital Health Strategy.

Here it is:

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Anonymous said...

It is a heavy read and seems to never end, there are some good parts but will take a while to digest. Was hoping it would be less of a technology focus and more about shaping the work force and tackling the complex issues. Still it is Tim and he is if nothing else consistent.

As they make reference the rest of eHealth is moving in a direction or two so life will go on and we now have something to suckle the cask out of for a while. Would be nice if they took a break, not sure about others but it is all a bit boring now.

Anonymous said...

The strategy they had in the past failed. What's different now? It's all more of the same old head in the sand.

Anonymous said...

Is this all there is??
Given the track record of the ADHA to date and of course the ADHA's predecessor (NEHTA), what is most important is what is missing - is it contempt, ignorance or just plain arrogance to put up a "strategic plan" that is deficient in critical areas:

What about the business case for the strategic priorities /initiatives ?
Where is the detailed roadmap / project plan
What about funding requirements and options ?
Risk management strategy and mitigation plan ...
Communication and engagement approach for all key stakeholders etc
Partnership options / approach to engage industry and academia etc
Performance / evaluation approach
etc etc

I know ... that comes next once the States and the Feds have handed over the money .... another $2Billion (maybe add a further $1Billion for contingency ?)should be fine to complete the plan. After all, the masters of "make-it-up" as you go are good on the "sell" but sadly lacking on delivery !!

Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...

That is a pretty good list of what is missing!

You might add a current state assessment, a technology scan, a security plan, and a few others as well.


Bruce Farnell said...

As a strategy it's pathetic.

The elephant in the room is the ballooning cost of health provision and the future affordability of health while supporting enhanced patient outcomes. How can eHealth help address this and reduce the waste in the current system.

This pathetic effort is little more than an attempt to shore up the failed myHR. It's another wasted opportunity.