Wednesday, August 02, 2017

I Wonder If There Is Really An Issue Here Or Is This Just A Reflection Of Some Change Resistant Senior Docs?

This appeared last week:

Doctors claim medical records system puts patient safety at risk

Kara Vickery, Janelle Miles, The Courier-Mail
July 26, 2017 12:00am
PROBLEMS with Queensland Health’s electronic medical record system are angering health workers, with fed-up senior doctors circulating a document slamming the technology and those in charge of it.
The document claims the integrated Electronic Medical Record (iEMR) puts patient safety at risk, is difficult to navigate and “unintuitive”.
The document, obtained by The Courier-Mail, likens the program to two of Queensland’s biggest health disasters, and claims the integrated Electronic Medical Record (iEMR) puts patient safety at risk, is difficult to navigate and “unintuitive”.
Referencing the infamous payroll debacle and the “Tahitian Prince” affair, the document warns colleagues the Cerner software is “coming to a hospital and health service near you”.
“Project leadership have difficulty accepting issues,” the document says.
Chief executive of eHealth Queensland Richard Ashby said he was aware of concerns among some medical specialists regarding the system.
“We are evaluating these concerns which are not shared statewide,” he said. “Extensive consultation is conducted with hospital staff prior to the rollout of iEMR, and we continuously work with our clinicians to ensure the system meets their needs and maximises improvements.”
More here:
Having recently have had three (involuntary) experiences with a Cerner equipped hospital I can report that properly provisioned and implemented the Cerner software works pretty well and is fairly straightforward to use even by rather doddery old patient – let alone the bright intelligent young doctors.
I just have the sense we have heard all this before from older stuck in their ways docs, but it is important to say there are always ways the software and the way it is implemented can be improved.
What do you reckon?


Anonymous said...

That is a question for those directly impacted, it may not be a technology offering issue, perhaps a procurement and deployment issue. I would not dismiss the view of so called aging docs, those at a stage where management no longer holds any job security fear over them, QLD health is well versed in IT mishaps so will be very good and covering up issues and smothering unwanted opinions.

Anonymous said...

Wait till the Myhaha starts popping up in busy ED, they will soon forget