Thursday, August 03, 2017

GovPort Reveals The Nonsense Of Some Government IT Projects.

A must not miss episode of the amazing Utopia.

The program on IT Projects is just amazing and awful and true!

See here:

Nation Shapers

Series 3 | Episode 3 Comedy 26 mins
Nat is asked to help out the Minister with a problem-plagued I.T. project. Meanwhile, a poor radio interview sees Tony forced to undertake media training. CAST: Rob Sitch, Celia Pacquola


An amazing show that makes on wonder about how close it all was to myGOV.

This link gets you started:

You need to select Series 3, Episode 3 from the menus for maximum fun!

Fantastic stuff.



Anonymous said...

Had a good laugh. So close to the (funny) bone.

Bruce Farnell said...

Ah yes, I enjoy a good documentary.