Wednesday, August 09, 2017

New Zealand Seems To Be Making Some Great Headway With A Simple Summary Record.

This appeared last week:

HealthOne an e-health record for all?

Liane 01 August 2017, 1:40PM
The electronic shared health records system HealthOne is operating throughout the South Island as of today, with Nelson Marlborough DHB officially joining the system.

Now all DHBs in the South Island have access to HealthOne allowing general practice teams, hospital clinicians, pharmacists and a growing number of community providers access to shared information including test results, allergies, medications, previous hospital admissions and appointments and medical imaging.

It’s a significant achievement given the Government has been grappling for years to try to establish a national electronic health record.

Southern DHB chief medical officer Nigel Millar told delegates at last week’s RNZCGP conference that HealthOne is not an electronic health record, rather, it is a summary of patient information.

However, he later acknowledged in an interview with New Zealand Doctor that potentially there is no reason why an electronic health record could not be developed from this embryo.

One e-health system, how about one PMS?

HealthOne was initially developed through a partnership between Canterbury DHB, Pegasus Health and Orion Health and has been rolled out across the south via the Southern DHBs’ alliance.

Canterbury DHB’s general manager of planning, funding and decision support, Carolyn Gullery, told New Zealand Doctor in June that it costs about $2.4 million a year to run, but she expected that figure may reduce once the system is operating in all South Island DHBs.

Now that there is one shared electronic patient records system, New Zealand Doctor asked Ms Gullery today whether she considers one practice management system (PMS) for the South Island is the next step, but she says this is not a critical factor.
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Very interesting indeed and showing how there is more than one way to meet most of the stated objectives of the myHR.


Anonymous said...

Cool initiative!....Does anyone know if I (as a south island resident) will be able to access and view this summary of data that all the DHB's have on me? Would be extremely useful!

Anonymous said...

the PCEHR was built on a flawed understanding of health informatics. Very true, and ignored all advice to the contrary. The demise of health informatics at the ADHA is a real concern, but then health informatics is a watered down version of its true intent. I do agree the ADHA should not call its CDA department, informatics when they are requirements modellers which in itself a fine art but not health informatics.