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Saturday, September 15, 2018

A Curious Mind Would Like To Know.

On the page for the Submissions for the Senate Inquiry Into The myHR  found here:


for some reason Nos 7, 8 and 10 are just missing.

If they were confidential or "name withheld" that has been handed and if the submissions were rejected they would not have a number - so what is going on?

All comments welcome. Its beyond me......



Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly David. Just what is being hidden from public scrutiny?

Anonymous said...

Generally this would not be so curious. The fact that we have seen very seperate attacks on the press, Parlimentary services and individuals it does make you wonder if something not right is going on.

Anonymous said...

It is probably as simple as a process taking place -

Submissions that include complex argument, personal details or criticise someone may take the committee longer to process and consider.

Interesting how the ADHA CEO has managed to “nudge” people into expecting underhanded and dishonest motives.