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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Useful Recording Of The Evidence Given For The Senate Inquiry.

Here you go.


You can play forward and rewind as of tonight at the bottom of the recording. Link is now updated below.



p.s. This is the new permanent link:




tygrus said...

Try the Community Affairs Committee recordings of the senate.
SENATE 11/09/2018 16:05 Community Affairs 05:33:01

Links to

Anonymous said...

These so called compacts need more unpacking. The Government clearly went into these with certain expectations around obedience. The other parties seem to have different assumptions. It does no party any favours and questions arguments on all sides.

The fax also now seems to be a element of Godwin law.

The submission by Health Intersections is the first thing that has made any sense in the past three years. It will be hard to ignore and if so, at great cost.

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

The Health Intersections submission has exactly the same message that Professor Phelps and I gave in evidence on Wednesday although in slightly different languages.

We have all said that there is no need for "a single national document store" and that a distributed (my language), federated (Grahame Grieve's language) different architecture (Professor Phelps' language) is much better.

Different but entirely compatible reasons have been given from different perspectives, all around trust and consent, although I added reliability in times of emergency and system overload.

I just hope that the committee understands the coherence of the messages.

Grahame Grieve said...

Hi Bernard. A narrow quibble: I have not said that there is no need for a national document store. In fact, in a well designed system, there are several reasons why would have one, and the MyHR is a useful contribution in that space. Given a well defined eco-system, the services it offer and the consent agreements around it would be different, I think, but it would still have a place.

I watched you on Tuesday; I hope that I am that coherent if they call on me

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Government proves once again reducing the Public service to a dumb customer is a good strategy


Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

Grahame, my apologies, I misread your recommendation

"Provide grounds for investing in projects without requiring use of the single national document store when it is not appropriate"

I assumed (incorrectly) that you meant:

"... because it is not appropriate"

rather than:

"... in those circumstances when it is not appropriate"

Grahame Grieve said...

hah yes, I should clarify...

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

For what it is worth, individual, focused, arms length from government national databases of data on:

organ donation status,
recipients of prostheses and devices,
decisions regarding end-of-life care (like http://coordinatemycare.co.uk/),
certain controlled or potentially dangerous medicines/prescriptions etc,

seem to have a high value to those who wish to use them.

If you start with the value then build the system it is more likely to find acceptance. Doing it the other way round, build it, then nudge it onto everyone and their doctor is the wrong way to go about it.

Anonymous said...

With the department and the ADHA presenting themselves on Monday, anyone else find it predicatable, shallow and somewhat disappointing that the are holding back their public submissions.

They just keep digging a bigger hole of mistrust every day. What are they hiding? Why are they making a mockery of institutions like the senate? Why is the public being treated like live export animals?

Grahame Grieve said...

I think this is unfair; there's a deadline. They'll have processes aimed at using all the time they have to submit the best submission they can. They'll be submitting late today, and then all having a good sleep at last.

Anonymous said...

The wording might be a little crass but I agree with the essence of 9:02 AM. It is not as if they have to dream anything up, research etc... If it is perceived that they are being less than forthcoming or transparent then that might be a result of standards in behaviour the ADHA has set.

Anonymous said...

They must be very busy little bees Grahame, seemingly far to busy to reply to the National Council for Single Mothers and their Children as outlined in submission 13.

I don’t mind which way this goes but it is obvious the ADHA is not the core group to take us forward.

Anonymous said...

@5:58PM, oh dear it is like watching a drunk person trying to find their keys under a lamp post. clearly this has not worked out as some expected. It is getting a little embarrassing, the minister has plenty of fall people, perhaps it is time to use them.

Andrew McIntyre said...

"I just hope that the committee understands the coherence of the messages."

Even taken down to the lowest technical literal level none of the people involved do and as a result eHealth is doomed until the government gives up and stops trying to "help"